WordPress web development in Dubai & UAE

WordPress is a clear choice.

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system – it powers more than 20% of the web. WordPress makes it easy to create a website and keep it up to date.

WordPress website development services in the UAE

When you use WordPress for your website development, you can easily change the content on your website without even hiring and paying a web developer.

At Innomedia, we also help our clients to create their websites using WordPress.

Below are some of the services that we provide at Innomedia for WordPress development.

#1 New WordPress website

Do you need a new website? We can help you!

Hire us to create a professional website at an affordable cost.

What features/benefits do you get when you hire Innomedia?

  • Responsive (mobile-friendly) design
  • Logo design
  • Web hosting & domain registration assistance
  • Content upload
  • Secured backend to manage the website
  • Quick loading speed
  • SEO-friendly codes

#2 WordPress website redesign

Do you already have a WordPress website but are not happy with its performance or look? Innomedia can help you to redesign your website.

Here are some of the benefits that you get when we redesign your WordPress website:

  • Of course, primarily you get a new look for your website.
  • You can get more conversions or sales from your website.
  • Your website performs better.
  • Your website can be viewed easily on mobile phones and tablets.
  • There would be no broken links on your website.

So, if you are not getting the desired results from your WordPress site, hire a professional web development company in Dubai, UAE like Innomedia that can help you to redo your website.

#3 eCommerce web development

Do you want to sell online? Get a professional eCommerce website.

At Innomedia, we can help you to create a WordPress eCommerce website using a plugin like “WooCommerce”.

Why should you choose WordPress for your eCommerce website development?

  • WordPress CMS is easy to manage.
  • WordPress developers are easily available to hire.
  • There are lots of free & paid plugins that you can use with a WordPress eCommerce website.
  • Redesigning your eCommerce website becomes easier when you use WordPress for your website development.
  • Using WordPress for your eCommerce website development can help you to save on your website design cost.

#4 Plugin customizations

Not every plugin can match your exact requirements. Hence, you may have to customize the plugin to meet your specific requirements. Here comes the role of a website developer.

At Innomedia, our WordPress developers can also help you to customize the plugins to make your website’s features work in the desired way.

#5 Theme customizations

The theme defines the design of your website. But you may not want to use the predefined themes for your website development. You may want your website to look different. To change the design elements of a theme, you need the assistance of a WordPress developer.

Our team of experienced WordPress developers and designers can help to customize your website theme and change its design according to your requirements.

#6 WordPress website fixing

It is very common for a website to surface issues & bugs on it. Especially, in the case of WordPress website development, you may encounter some issues or bugs when any of the plugins of your website is outdated. In a case like this, you will need to hire a WordPress developer to fix the issues on your website.

Why it’s important to fix your website?

Whenever there’s a problem with your site, you’re going to lose customers. 

Fixing website errors is crucial to the success of your business because it will keep your potential customers on your site. It will also improve the SEO of your website which will lead to more organic traffic to your site and ultimately more sales.

At Innomedia, you can hire us to fix all the issues & bugs on your WordPress website at an affordable cost.

#7 WordPress web maintenance

Website maintenance is an incredibly important part of your online business. It’s the difference between having a successful website and a non-functioning one.

In other words, website maintenance is as important as developing a website. If you don’t have the required skills or time to maintain your website regularly, you can also hire a web design company to take care of your website.

What does the website maintenance include?

Well, there are many things that your web developer may do under website maintenance such as taking regular backups, fixing errors, updating the plugins & the theme, upgrading the WordPress version, and so on.

At Innomedia, we also provide website maintenance services to our clients and we do all the activities that are required to maintain a website.

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