wordpress errors fixing website developer in UAE

WordPress is a great CMS to create websites at affordable costs. But like any other CMSs or platform, you may face some errors or issues with your WordPress website. 

Luckily, resolving the WordPress errors is not so complicated. If you have a little technical knowledge, you can also resolve them without hiring a web developer.

But if you are not sure how to manage FTP, make changes to the file, or do any advance changes, you must not try them out yourself. Instead, you can hire a WordPress developer who can help you to fix your Website errors.

wordpress errors fixing website developer in UAE

In this blog post, we have shared some of the most common WordPress errors (along with their solutions) that you may face when you are using WordPress for your website.

Note: Before following our instructions or making any changes to your website, you must take a full backup of your website. And if you are not confident enough to do these changes, please hire a professional web developer and don’t take any risk.

#1 White Screen of Death

Do you have a blank or white WordPress page? This is typically the result of a script on your site using up all of its memory limits.

Here’s how you or your web developer can resolve the “White Screen of Death” error on your WordPress website:

1. Use a default WordPress theme instead
2. Increase PHP memory
3. Clear Cache data of your browser and plugins

#2 HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden

This is usually easy to fix.

Here are 3 quick fixes to resolve the issue or “HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden”.

Check if your WordPress folder is set to “0755” at the permission setting and if each file is set to “0644”.

If the problem persists, the .htaccess file may be corrupted. You can delete it from FTP or remake it.

Alternatively, you may disable all the plugins to see if the issue is resolved. If there is no more error of “HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden”, then you may enable all the plugins one by one to identify the culprit plugin. When you find that any specific plugin is creating the issue, you may try to replace it with another plugin or hire a WordPress developer to fix the existing plugin.

#3 Images Not Uploading

If you are unable to upload the images to your WordPress website, it could be because of the wrong file permissions.

How to resolve the issue of images not uploading?

The solution to this is in the FTP manager:

  • Open your website through FTP manager
  • Go to ‘/wp-content/ folder’
  • Open the uploads folder containing all of your media uploads on WordPress
  • Open the file permissions dialog box after this
  • Set file permissions to ‘744’ for the subdirectories and uploads directory.

If you don’t know how to manage the server’s FTP, you could also hire a website developer to resolve this issue for you.

#4 500 Internal server error

This is surely one of the most common WordPress errors. The ‘500 internal server error’ is usually caused by a corrupted ‘.htaccess’ file, running out of ‘PHP memory limit’, or by theme or plugin functions.

It can be fixed by checking your hosting provider, activating and deactivating all plugins, increasing the ‘PHP memory limit’, and checking for a corrupt ‘.htaccess’ file.

How to fix a corrupt ‘.htaccess’ file?

First, you can log in to your FTP, and rename the existing .htacces file. Then, log into your WordPress site, then go to Settings > Permalinks, and click ‘Save Changes’. The “500 Internal Server Error” should be resolved now.

#5 Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance error

Your WordPress website needs regular maintenance and care to ensure that it keeps working properly. When any updates are going on in your WordPress website or some plugin(s) or theme(s) are being updated, your users may experience a message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” on your website.

The simplest way to solve this is to:

  • Open your FTP manager
  • Open your site’s root folder from the root directory
  • Delete the ‘.maintenance file’

If you don’t know how to handle FTP manager or file manager on your server, it’s better to engage the services of a developer or a web development company.

#6 Error establishing a database connection

This message of “Error establishing a database connection” usually appears when you enter the wrong database credentials or if your database is corrupted.

Below are some steps that you or your WordPress developer can perform to troubleshoot this error.

  • Recheck the WordPress database credentials you just entered
  • Next, check your host database information
  • Repair the WordPress database with the help of wp-admin (do ensure to backup your database first).
  • Reboot the webserver

#7 WordPress session timeout error

A common WordPress issue is when it can’t set up cookies on your login session, or there are mismatched URL settings. These will result in a WordPress Keeps Logging Me Out error.

To fix this session timeout error, you can:

  • Disable & reactivate all your WordPress plugins
  • Clear cache & cookies from your browser
  • Clear cache from your WordPress website
  • Recheck your browser’s settings and the website address that you entered

#8 The plugins can’t be deleted

Plugins are essential for your website and you should only install them from secure and trustworthy sites. There are, however, hidden files from those from non-trustworthy websites. These hidden files don’t let you delete the plugin.

How to delete those plugins?

You can log in to your FTP and manually delete the plugin and its files.

If you are not sure about using FTP manage, you can simply hire a WordPress development company or a developer who can assist you to fix this issue for you.

Note: If you don’t know how to manage the FTP tool, it’s recommended to consult your website developer so that your website is not at any risk.

#9 “This site contains harmful content” error

This error is usually shown on the Google Chrome browser. This error indicates that your website has been infected with some malicious codes. It’s not good if the users, especially your potential customers see this warning or error. It is, therefore, important for you to fix this error as soon as you observe it.

The only way to fix this error is to clean your WordPress files. However, if you are not a coder or a programmer, you may not be able to do it yourself. Here you need the assistance of a WordPress developer.

#10 “WordPress not sending email” error

Is your WordPress website not able to send an email upon form submission or order confirmation? You don’t need to worry. This could be an SMTP error.

Fortunately, you don’t need to hire a WordPress developer to resolve this issue. All you need to do is just install the “WP Mail SMTP” plugin to help you get emails in WordPress.

#11 Login page refreshing & redirecting issue

When you try to log in to WordPress, you may keep getting redirected to the login page.

How to resolve this issue?

You can try the below-mentioned options to fix the login page refreshing issue on your WordPress website:

  • Clear cookies and cache
  • Update your WordPress URL settings
  • Deactivate and reactivate all the WordPress plugins from FTP
  • Delete ‘.htaccess’ file from FTP (after saving a backup)
  • Go back to using a default WordPress theme

If nothing works, you may consider hiring a WordPress developer to resolve this error.

#12 “Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” error

This error usually happens when you try to install a new theme to your WordPress website. The basic reason for the error message “Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” could be due to the inability of your WordPress setup to locate the correct style.css file of your theme.

To resolve this issue, you may check the folder contents of your WordPress theme and ensure that the style.css file is correctly placed (usually at the root location) inside the theme folder.

#13 You can’t see changes you just made

Sometimes, it may also happen that you are unable to see the changes on your WordPress website that you just made at the backend. The most obvious cause of this error is the website’s or server’s cache.

You can simply clear your browser cache, close the already-opened tab, and re-enter the link to your website to see those changes.

Additionally, you can also check under the plugins listing page if your web developer has used a cache plugin. If you see any cache plugin, you can simply clear the cache and all the recent changes will be visible at the frontend of your WordPress site.

As usual, if nothing works, it’s better to call your WordPress developer to look into this.

#14 Syntax WordPress error

Have you ever experienced on your WordPress website some syntax errors or warnings that are being displayed on your web pages? As a WordPress development company in the UAE, we often experience these syntax errors and we know how to fix them.

When faced with a syntax error, you might not know where to begin. But don’t worry! This situation can be fixed with a few basic steps.

  • If you haven’t already, install the FTP manager and connect it to your site.
  • Next, find the theme file that needs fixing.
  • Then, remove or write the code in the right syntax.
  • Finally, save the file again and upload it to your server.
  • Once finished, refresh your website and see if the problem has been solved!

If you don’t know about the syntaxes or codes, it would be a good idea to hire a WordPress developer who can help you to fix the syntax error on your website.

#15 WordPress admin dashboard is not displaying properly

The WordPress admin dashboard is not displaying properly?

This error usually comes up when your internet is faulty or upgrades haven’t been properly deployed. You just need to delete the cookies and cache at your firewall and proxy connection to see if it resolves the issue.

Another way to resolve this issue is to upgrade all the plugins because sometimes this error is shown when there is any incomplete upgrade of a plugin or the theme on your WordPress website.

If nothing works, you can try to disable all the plugins and enable them one by one to see which plugin is causing the issue.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional WordPress developer to fix this issue for you.

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