website design costs in UAE

In today’s digital era every business whether big or small is looking to engage with their audiences on a deeper level to create a loyal customer base and to do that one must harness the power of technology in the ever-growing society of digital junkies.

One major decision that business owners must make, however, is the big HOW, how to engage with their audience.

Should they spend money on mobile app development for an engaging experience or website development that provides a seamless user experience? 

Before deciding if you should go with a website or an app for your business you must consider three major factors, your target audience, your business goals, and finally, your budget. 

In this blog post, we will discuss all of those factors to make this decision easy as eating cake for you so, let’s dive right in.

website design costs in UAE

Pros & cons of website development

Websites have been around for as long as anyone can remember, they act as a foundation for any business because they are easier to access, all you need is a device with an internet connection. They can aid businesses in reaching a bigger audience and are readily available to everyone. 

A website developer and a web design professional can produce a completely working website that can be browsed on all major browsers and operating systems without spending a lot of money or time on specialized functionality, elaborate coding, or databases.

But, you know what they say, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages so, there are certain limitations in websites that you can encounter while expanding your engagement with your audiences. Websites lack some capabilities like push alerts and access to gadget features like cameras or GPS

Websites also require an internet connection to operate, thus it could be challenging for people to access them if they reside in areas with subpar connectivity. Also, a website may face downtimes and crashes if it gets a surge of traffic so may want to watch out during the Black Friday sale. Similarly, there can be several other challenges that your web developer may have to face to make your website work like an app.

Let’s analyze the pros and cons of a mobile next, shall we?

If you want to engage with your audience on a much deeper level you should consider developing a mobile app for your business because mobile apps are not only popular but they provide convenience to the customers and offer certain functionalities that a website may lack such as GPS tracking for food delivery, camera access to scan certain products, ride-sharing, personalized recommendations, one-click payments, and other productivity tools that may help enhance user experience. There’s literally not anything that’s impossible to achieve if you really hire a professional mobile app developer.

Mobile app development services in the UAE

However, as good as a mobile app sounds it is all the more complex to create compared to website development, business owners would need to hunt down an expert app developer that has knowledge about mobile software such as Android and iOS and know all about the various programming languages such as java, swift, C+ and, other user interface guidelines. 

In other words, a mobile app developer may charge you more than a web developer to build your dream application. A mobile app will also need constant updates to keep up with the market and regular maintenance with bug fixes to lessen the downtime so, it is a lifetime commitment, to say the least.

Conducting market research before diving head first into the sea of what-ifs you should conduct market research to see what your customers want, if they are inclined more towards a website or a mobile app. Market research will also help you identify the primary device your users are using.

Secondly, you should also analyze your business goals to identify if you need only a website or a mobile app. A simple website design can easily satisfy your needs if your firm is exclusively focused on content delivery, such as blogs, news delivery, or e-commerce however, if you require substantial functionality and a highly tailored user experience, you might consider investing in a mobile app.

The budget must also be taken into consideration before choosing to invest in anything, for firms with a limited budget website designs are a much more sensible and superior solution. Moreover, mobile apps are a bit more complex to create and require a tonne of knowledge about different software and other guidelines to create the app of your dreams plus, it also requires regular maintenance and updates to stand strong in the market.


To put all the above things in a nutshell, your decision to either invest in a website or a mobile app will become easy if you analyze 3 major factors such as your target audience, your company goals, and your budget-because no one wants to go broke, right?

A website design is much less complex to create and the website design expert won’t charge you as much however, there are certain limitations to websites such as GPS tracking and camera access. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are much more complex to create but, they will offer your users advanced functions such as GPS tracking and camera access, however, they may need constant updates and routine maintenance checks making them a big commitment.

To make this easier you can seek guidance from a professional app developer, web designer, or web developer, they will give you expert insights on everything and help you determine what your business needs.

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