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Are you looking to start your own eCommerce business? Great! For any eCommerce business, the most important asset is its website. 

Website development is the most crucial part of any successful eCommerce business. And when it comes to the cost to create an eCommerce website, there’s not any standard or fixed price that web developers charge.

But if you need an eCommerce website at an affordable cost, go for WooCommerce. Some of you may be wondering what exactly is WooCommerce and why you should use it for your eCommerce website development.

Well, in this blog post, we have shared some useful information that you need to know about WooCommerce.

Let’s dive in!

WooCommerce website development in the UAE

What's WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free, open-source eCommerce plugin that lets you easily create an online store to sell your products. It’s used by over 3 million websites all over the world, and it powers almost 30% of all eCommerce stores.

Why WooCommerce for eCommerce web design?

WordPress website development services in the UAE
  • WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin and we all know that WordPress is one of the best CMSs that are available on the planet today. So if you have a basic WordPress website or a WordPress blog, you can easily convert them into an eCommerce store.
  • WooCommerce is a free plugin. You can download & install it on your WordPress without any cost. However, you may need to hire a website design company to make the required customizations for your online store. But again, WordPress developers are available in abundance and they can help you to create or revamp your WooCommerce site cost-effectively.
  • There are dozens of useful plugins that are compatible with your WooCommerce store. You can use these plugins free of cost and enhance the features of your eCommerce website.
  • Creating an e-commerce site takes less time and cost with WooCommerce. WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with any WordPress website or blog, making it easy for you to begin selling online.
  • WooCommerce makes it really easy to manage the backend of your online store. Regardless if you have any technical skills or not, you can easily do this. Sure you might need a developer to help fix the website in the case of a problem, but just think about how much time and money you’ll save!
  • Hosting a WooCommerce based eCommerce store is easy and cost-effective. Shared hosting will work for websites with the WooCommerce plugin.

How Much Does A WooCommerce Website Cost?

When it comes to WooCommerce website development, there is no standard pricing. You’ll find some WordPress developers quoting AED 15000 or more, while others might charge you as little as $7500.

Want to start a WooCommerce store with minimal cost and work?

Consider paying AED 7500 to get a professionally-designed website. This price includes a lot of extras such as a nice-looking theme, all the required plugins, hosting, design, domain name registration, and assistance from your developer to upload products.

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How WooCommerce is better than other eCommerce CMSs?

It’s no secret that there are many different eCommerce platforms available. Everyone wants to be the best, but WooCommerce has all of the features. The WooCommerce plugin can be used to create a fully-featured e-commerce website using WordPress as the platform.

With WooCommerce, you can create a fully-featured e-commerce site using WordPress as a platform. It does everything from selling physical products to selling digital downloads.

WooCommerce is an excellent eCommerce platform that offers plenty of flexibility and control over the design and layout of your store. This is not the case with other platforms, such as OpenCart or Magento.

Below are some of the facts that make WooCommerce a better eCommerce CMS than OpenCart or Magento:

  • When you have a website, many changes can be done without hiring a web developer. You can add useful plugins to your website yourself with a few clicks of a mouse. But in the case of Magento, you may need to hire a developer to make the required configurations or settings.
  • With WooCommerce, your online store becomes a breeze to redesign which is certainly not the case with OpenCart or Magento.
  • By using a useful plugin that’s compatible with WooCommerce, you can easily set up a multi-user plugin that will allow you to log in with different credentials. In other words, you can add a plugin to your website which allows your staff to have different login credentials for adding products to your catalog.
  • There is a surplus of WordPress developers who can work on your WooCommerce site. This means you get a better price, being too much competition among WordPress developers. But when you hire a Magento developer, you may have to pay a lot. If you have already worked with the Magento CMS, we bet you know what we mean here.

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website design costs in UAE

What you can do with WooCommerce

Discount coupons management:
Deals are everywhere in this new era. A retailer’s best weapon to grab more sales & customers is the discount coupon code. Creating and managing discount coupons on your WooCommerce website is as easy as a few clicks. These discount coupons or deals can help you bring more sales to your company.

Products management:
WooCommerce is an incredible e-commerce platform for brands to use for their stores. It can make managing products as easy as a few clicks, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Payment methods management:
WooCommerce offers a wide variety of plugins that allow you to accept payments in whichever form your customers are most comfortable with. You can choose from many different payment gateways, so when you want to add a new one to your site, you don’t have to work with your web developer—you just install and configure the plugin.

Shipping methods management:
You don’t need to spend hours integrating shipping management into your online store anymore. WooCommerce stores are the perfect solution because they allow you to add different shipping classes and define charges for each one.

Viewing and downloading reports:
WooCommerce makes it easier for store owners to manage all of their orders, inventory, and invoices from a central hub. The system provides a level of transparency that can’t be found on other e-commerce platforms with a central dashboard that is customizable and convenient. You can view and export any reports you need from your website backend.

Managing product variables:
WooCommerce makes it easy to define your own variable attributes and product variables without complicating the process. You can define your variable attributes with a few clicks for each product, including size, color, etc. This way, you can customize your products however you want.


If you want to build a simple-to-use eCommerce system to not only showcase your products online but also to take control of your entire website, WooCommerce could be the best choice for you. This is perhaps one of the major reasons why most webmasters don’t want to switch over to any other eCommerce platform when they start using WooCommerce.

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