WordPress web development in Dubai & UAE

Do you need a website? Are you looking for affordable website design packages in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE?

WordPress web development in Dubai & UAE

Here, we have shared the affordable website design packages that Innomedia (our company) offers. We will also explain all the important features of our affordable web design packages.

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#1 Website hosting

Website hosting is vital for any website development. Website hosting is used for website storage and email management. When you hire Innomedia for your website development, you get a free web hosting package for the first year. Free web hosting is one of the factors that make our website design package affordable.

#2 Responsive website design

A responsive website design is a website design that is able to adapt to the different screen sizes of different devices. This means that whether a user is viewing your website on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer, they will be able to see the same content in a format that is easy to read and navigate.

Our affordable website design package always consists of responsive design.

#3 Logo design

We also offer free logo design services with our affordable web design packages. So when you hire Innomedia for your website development, you don’t have to worry about or pay additional charges for logo design.

#4 CMS (WordPress)

All our website design packages include CMS-driven web development. In most cases, we use WordPress for website development. If you need any other CMS or if you need to build your website using core PHP, we can do that as well. By default, our web design package includes WordPress CMS.

#5 3-month support

As a part of our affordable website design package, we also offer a 3-month service warranty.

During this service warranty, the Innomedia team will help to resolve the bugs & issues, if they occur on the website. Not all web developers or web design companies in the UAE provide service warranty on their work, but we at Innomedia, understand the importance of continuous support.

#6 Animated/sliding header

Our website package also includes an animated/sliding header on the homepage. We add an animated header on the homepage of your website to make it look attractive & professional.

#7 Contact form

Contact forms are an integral part of any professional website design package. They enable your potential customers to get in touch with you. Therefore, we make sure to add a user-friendly, responsive, and short & sweet form to your website so that you can get leads for your business.

#8 Google map

Your local customers may want to see your location so that they can visit you. Therefore, adding Google Maps is one of the features that we provide with our affordable web design package.

#9 Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you to view the traffic/users that come to your website. It also helps you to analyze important statistics such as the most visited pages, time spent on each webpage, the country of the users who visited your website, and more.

Not all web design companies offer Google Analytics integration as a part of their website package but we do.

#10 Blog

Our website design package also comes with the integration of a blog section.

A blog on your website can help you in many ways.

Firstly, it can help you to share useful information with your users that help you build authority for your business. Secondly, a blog is loved by search engines. So adding a blog can also help your website secure higher rankings on search engines like Google. Finally, a blog makes your website look interesting because of which your users may spend more time reading your blog posts

Innomedia is one of the leading web design companies in the UAE that provides blog integration as a part of website design package.

#11 eCommerce plugin

When you hire us for your eCommerce website development, we will help you to integrate an eCommerce plugin into your website and integrate all the eCommerce features into your site. eCommerce features are available only with our eCommerce website packages and not the basic website package.

#12 Payment gateway

Adding a payment gateway is also a part of our eCommerce web design package. We help you to accept online payments from your customers through different payment gateways such as PayPal, WorldPay, 2Checkout, & more.

#13 User manual

Finally, we believe that you should always have control of your website. Therefore, we will also provide you with a user manual that you can follow to learn how to manage your website yourself.

Our Website Design Package



Free Web Hosting

Responsive Web Design

Logo Design

CMS (WordPress)

Contact Form 

Support (3 Months)

Google Maps

Google Analytics


eCommerce Features

(Cart, Checkout, Add to Cart, Wishlist, & more)

Payment Integration 

User Manual

Corporate Website package

aed 1600

ecommerce Website package

AED 3600

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