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Are you hiring an Android developer in the UAE? Here’s what you need to know

Who is an Android developer?

Someone who has the skills to build apps for Android is known as an Android developer. They may also be called Android programmers or Android coders.

An Android developer specializes in creating applications and programs using the Android Operating System. Android developers are very helpful for companies and brands that are making apps for Android.

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Difference between Android developers and iOS developers.

The main difference between an Android developer and an iOS developer is that an Android developer doesn’t have to learn Swift, and an iOS developer doesn’t have to learn Java.

Also, Android developers have to consider a number of things that iOS developers don’t have to worry about. For example, Android developers have to consider that their applications are going to be run on a wide range of devices.

In addition, iOS developers are generally more expensive than Android developers, because of the greater demand for them compared to Android developers.

How can an Android developer help you?

An Android developer can help you in many ways such as below:

  • The Android developers can help you to create a new mobile application for Android devices.
  • An Android developer can also help you to redesign your existing Android app.
  • If your Android app is outdated or needs some bug-fixing or troubleshooting, an Android developer can help you.

On which platforms does an Android developer work?

Android developers primarily use Android Studio, which is an integrated development environment (IDE) created by Google specifically for Android application development. Android development is often done with Java and Kotlin.

How much do Android developers charge for building an app?

A basic eCommerce Android app may cost you AED 8000 or more while a comprehensive Android app like Uber can cost you AED 30000 or more. The cost to build an Android application depends on the features that you need.

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Tips to hire an Android app developer in the UAE:

Before you hire an Android developer in the UAE, here are a few things to consider:

#1 Check out the experience: 

Before you hire an Android developer in the UAE, you must check out their experience in Android apps development. If your shortlisted app developer has already worked on several Android apps development, you can consider hiring him. More experience in app development means better quality & timely deliverables of your project.

#2 Check the portfolio:

 Ask your shortlisted mobile app developer to send over some of their past works to you. You can download their apps on your device and run through them. If the quality of their work matches your expectations, you can hire them otherwise you can look out for another developer.

#3 Check out the communication skills: 

Is your Android app developer able to communicate with you well? Does he or she understand your business concept and the ideas behind creating a mobile application? If not, stop wasting your time and start looking out for some other options.

#4 Check out other skills:

 There are many Android developers who know not only Java but can work on multiple coding scripts such as PHP. These kinds of app developers are really valuable and are appropriate to hire for creating a mobile application.

#5 Sign an NDA: 

Before you share your ideas behind developing a mobile application, you must get an NDA signed by your Android developer so that your ideas remain private & closed.

#6 Contract: 

Creating & signing a contract is perhaps the most important thing that you should do before hiring an Android developer. To make sure that you and your Android developer are on the same page, you must create a contract that has stated all the features & functionalities for your app development and get them signed by your developer. When you have an app development contract in place, you can be assured of the expected output from your developer.

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