eCommerce website design UAE

Are you creating an eCommerce website for your business? Or do you already have an eCommerce store? Whichever the case is, this blog can be helpful to you.

eCommerce website design UAE

Here, we have shared 12 common features that most successful eCommerce website designs have. Ensuring these features to have on your eCommerce store can increase the chances of your online store to get success.

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#1 Responsive design

Every successful eCommerce store has a responsive design. This means these successful take care of their mobile users so that they can view the website using their mobile devices easily.

Various studies have shown that more than 70% of internet users search, find, and visit eCommerce stores using their mobile devices. 

So, if you also want to succeed in your eCommerce business, make sure that you have a responsive or mobile-friendly eCommerce website design.

Every professional eCommerce developer or website design agency in the UAE understands the importance of a responsive design. 

Therefore, before you hire a developer or company to build your eCommerce store, make sure that their quotation has a responsive design as one of the important features.

#2 Easy-to-use navigation

It is very normal for an eCommerce website to have dozens of products to offer. Some of the online stores even have hundreds or thousands of products. 

With so many products on a single website, it can be difficult for a user, especially a layman user to find out his or her desired product. Here comes the role of user-friendly & easy-to-use navigation.

Think about a few successful eCommerce websites in your local region and analyze them. You will find that each of these websites will have an easy-to-use navigation. Therefore, you must also make sure that your website developer has integrated an easy-to-use & user-friendly navigation with your website.

#3 Security

The security of an eCommerce website is crucial. If your website isn’t secure, your potential buyers may not feel confident buying your products. 

Again, if you do a survey of the most successful eCommerce websites, they all have secured shopping features and payment processes.

Why is security so important for an eCommerce website design?

There are many reasons why security is important for an eCommerce website. Perhaps the most important reason is that it helps to protect the personal and financial information of customers. This information is often stored on the eCommerce website, so if the site is not secure, this information could be accessed by anyone who knows how to do so.

Additionally, if an eCommerce website is not secure, it could be subject to hacking or other attacks, which could result in the loss of this sensitive information.

Another reason why security is important for an eCommerce website is that it can help to protect the website itself from being hacked or attacked. 

If an eCommerce website is hacked, it could result in the loss of customer data, as well as damage to the reputation of the site.

Finally, if your website is not secure, it may not be able to secure higher rankings on search engines.

So, make sure that your eCommerce website design proposal includes security as an important feature of your website development.

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#4 Wishlist & comparison

Why wishlist feature for your eCommerce website design?

A wishlist feature can help your eCommerce website in a number of ways. 

First, it can give customers the ability to save items they are interested in for later purchases. This can be especially helpful around holidays or other gift-giving occasions. 

Second, it can help you track customer interest and preferences, which can be useful for marketing and stock purposes.

Finally, it can simply create a more user-friendly and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. Ultimately, all of these factors can lead to increased sales & happier customers and make your eCommerce business successful.

#5 Detailed shipping information

An eCommerce website should have detailed shipping information to provide customers with a clear understanding of the shipping process and the associated costs. 

This will help to build trust and confidence in the website and its products and encourage customers to complete their purchases.

eCommerce websites that offer free shipping are more likely to get sales. 

This is because customers are more likely to purchase items from a website that offers free shipping, as opposed to a website that charges for shipping. 

By offering free shipping, eCommerce websites can attract more customers & increase sales and succeed in your eCommerce business.

#6 Detailed return & refund policies

If you look at some of the successful eCommerce websites, you will notice that they clearly define the returns & refund policies for their online buyers.

It’s important to show clear refunds and returns policies on eCommerce websites because it builds trust with potential customers. 

If a customer knows that they can easily return an item if they’re not happy with it, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

Returns also give customers a sense of security, knowing that they can get their money back if something goes wrong with their purchase.

#7 High-quality photos

Another common quality that most successful eCommerce websites have is their high-quality product photos.

It is important for an eCommerce website to have clear and high-quality product photos for a number of reasons.

First, online shoppers cannot physically inspect the merchandise before making a purchase, so they rely heavily on product photos when making buying decisions. 

Poor-quality photos can give the impression that the products offered on the site are also of poor quality, which is likely to discourage potential customers from completing a purchase.

In addition, clear and accurate product photos help to build trust between the customer and the merchant; if a customer feels like they can rely on the website to provide accurate information about the products being offered, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Finally, well-done product photos can be very effective in promoting specific items or driving impulse purchases; if a customer sees an appealing photo of a product they were not intending to buy, they may be persuaded to add it to their order.

#8 Contact details

Having contact details on your eCommerce website builds trust among online buyers. They are more likely to buy your products if they can easily find your contact information.

By providing your email address, phone number, and physical address, you are making it easy for customers to reach out to you with any questions or concerns. This level of transparency builds trust and confidence in your brand, leading to more sales.

Perhaps your website developer can show your email and phone on the header as well as the footer. Additionally, your developer can also add a live chat widget so that your potential buyers can get in touch with you easily.

#9 Product Description

Product copy on an eCommerce website is very important for its sales growth. The right mix of keywords, persuasion, and information will result in more sales. 

Appeal to the customer’s needs and wants, and give them a reason to buy from your website instead of your competitor’s. 

Be clear, concise, and persuasive, and you’ll see your conversion rate improve.

#10 Abandoned order recovery

Some of your potential buyers may want to purchase from your website but due to some reason, they may leave the order abandoned. It is therefore crucial to have an abandoned order recovery system.

Have you ever noticed when you do not complete your order on any renowned eCommerce store, you start receiving emails from them encouraging you to complete your abandoned order? The same process is required for your eCommerce business also if you really want to be successful.

So, when you hire a website developer or a website agency in the UAE to build your online store, make sure that the abandoned order recovery feature is added to their eCommerce web design proposal.

#11 Newsletter

Every successful eCommerce business makes use of effective newsletter campaigns.

Newsletters are a great way for eCommerce businesses to keep their customers updated on new products, sales, and promotions. By including a call-to-action in each newsletter, businesses can encourage their customers to make a purchase.

Newsletters are also a great way to build customer loyalty, as they provide an easy way for customers to stay up-to-date on the latest from their favorite brands.

#12 Multiple payment methods

Why it’s important to have multiple payment methods?

It’s important to have multiple payment methods on an eCommerce website for a few reasons.

First, it gives customers more options to pay, which is always a good thing.

Second, if one payment method happens to go down or has issues, you have others to fall back on.

Third, having multiple payment methods shows that you’re a professional and reliable business, which instills trust in potential customers.

Overall, offering multiple payment methods is just good business practice and can help you increase sales.

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