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Selecting the right payment gateway is akin to choosing a secure and efficient bridge between your online store and the financial realm. Web developers play a pivotal role in integrating these gateways seamlessly into eCommerce websites, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process for customers. 

eCommerce website design UAE

In this guide, we’ll explore 11 commonly used payment gateways that web developers often leverage for eCommerce website development.

11 Common payment gateways for eCommerce websites:

1. PayPal:

A household name, PayPal is a go-to payment gateway for its widespread recognition and user-friendly interface. Developers appreciate its easy integration and various options, including PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Payments Pro.

2. Stripe:

Stripe is a very popular payment gateway among developers. It offers easy-to-implement API for web developers, robust security, and support for various currencies. With Stripe, your customers can easily pay on your website using their credit/debit cards.

3. Authorize.Net:

With a long-standing presence in the eCommerce industry, Authorize.Net offers a huge range of features along with strong security measures. Its API integration allows developers to fine-tune the payment process to their website’s requirements.

4. Braintree:

Owned by PayPal, Braintree offers a user-friendly interface and comprehensive global coverage. It’s known for its transparent pricing and support for multiple payment methods, making it a web developer favorite.

5. Adyen:

Adyen is a global payment gateway known for its international reach and support for various payment methods. Developers value its flexibility and the ability to handle complex transactions across different countries.

6. WooCommerce Payments:

Specifically designed for WooCommerce-based websites, WooCommerce Payments streamlines the payment process for developers using the WooCommerce platform. It offers seamless integration and real-time analytics. Most WordPress developers prefer using WooCommerce payments for development of an eCommerce store. 

7. 2Checkout:

2Checkout, now known as Verifone, provides an easy way to accept payments from customers around the world. Developers appreciate its international capabilities and customizable checkout options.

8. Razorpay:

Razorpay is gaining traction in the Indian eCommerce market due to its local payment methods and user-friendly interface. It offers web developers a user-friendly API and supports recurring payments.

9. Worldpay:

Worldpay is known for its global reach and extensive support for various currencies. Developers appreciate its customizable checkout process and security features.

10. Shopify Payments:

Exclusive to Shopify-based stores, Shopify Payments simplifies the payment integration process for developers using the Shopify platform. It offers competitive transaction fees and integrates seamlessly with Shopify’s ecosystem.

11. Mollie:

Mollie is a European payment gateway that supports various payment methods across multiple countries. Developers value its ease of integration, transparent pricing, and user-friendly documentation.

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Key Considerations for Web Developers:

  • Integration Ease: Web developers often prioritize payment gateways with well-documented APIs and easy integration processes. The smoother the integration, the quicker the eCommerce website can go live.
  • Security: Security is paramount in eCommerce. Developers opt for payment gateways that offer robust encryption, fraud protection, and compliance with industry standards.
  • Customization: The ability to customize the payment process to match the website’s branding and user experience is essential. It makes it easier for the web developers to integrate a seamless checkout flow with the payment gateway.
  • Global Reach: In an interconnected world, a payment gateway’s global capabilities are a significant factor. Most developers like to seek gateways that support multiple currencies and payment methods to cater to diverse audiences.
  • Support and Documentation: A responsive support team and comprehensive documentation can be a game-changer for website builders. Troubleshooting issues and getting prompt assistance is crucial for a smooth development process.

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