Google Ads Expert in The UAE

Who is a Google Ads expert?

A Google Ads expert is someone who has a deep understanding of Google Ads/PPC, knows how to set up and manage campaigns, and can help businesses get more leads, more customers, and more sales from their online advertising skills.

In other words, a Google Ads/PPC specialist is someone who can help you to grow your revenue by ranking your website on the Google search engine and getting quality traffic to your site. More quality traffic on your website means more business for you.

Google Ads Expert in The UAE

How can a Google Ads expert help you?

There are many ways in which a Google Ads expert can help you. Below are some of the activities that your Google Ads specialist can perform to get more conversions, sales, and leads from your ad campaigns.

  • Defining a strategy: The first step toward running a successful Google Ads campaign is to define a strategy for the business. Whether your primary goal is to get more leads, more sales, more traffic, or more subscribers, your Google Ads specialist will define a strategy around your business goal.
  • Designing a landing page to advertise: Google Ads work well and yield more conversions when the traffic is being sent to a landing page instead of the regular website. A landing page is a page on your website that’s dedicated to a single promotion or offer. The purpose of a landing page is to get visitors to do what you want them to do, whether it’s signing up for your mailing list, buying your product, or clicking on a link somewhere else.
  • Bidding on the keywords efficiently: Your Google Ads/PPC expert will also make sure that he is bidding on the right keywords. By doing that, he will be able to ensure that the people who click on your ads are actually interested in the products or services you’re offering.
  • Reporting: Reporting is one of the most important aspects of any Google Ads campaign because it allows you to see how well your ads are performing. You can see what’s working and what’s not, what you should be spending more money on and what you should be spending less money on, and where you should be focusing your efforts in the future. Your Google Ads specialist will provide you with monthly reports to share the performance of your advertising campaigns.
  • Getting a high ROI: The primary goal of your Google Ads specialist is to reduce your cost per click (CPC) and get more conversions, thereby increasing your return on investment (ROI). This is why it’s so important to work with an agency or a Google Ads expert who knows your business inside and out.

Should you do it yourself or hire a Google Ads consultant?

It’s always good to hire a Google Ads/PPC expert instead of trying & wasting your time on DIY methods. Especially, if you don’t know how to optimize a Google Ads campaign, you shouldn’t try it at all. You may end up losing money and getting a few or no conversions.

Why should you hire a Google Ads expert?

  • Save money: When you hire a Google Ads expert to run your advertising campaigns, you can save money because your specialist can help you to get more conversions at the lowest possible cost per click.
  • Save time: Optimizing a Google Ads/PPC campaign to get a high ROI usually takes time. If you can’t spare time for your Google Ads campaign, it’s good to hire a professional Google Ads specialist. You can’t set up your campaign, shut it, and forget it.
  • Regular updates: Every now and then Google keeps changing its algorithms and if you are running your advertising campaigns yourself, you will have to make sure that you are updating yourself on those changes. If you don’t, you may end up losing money. When you hire a Google Ads expert, he or she will implement the new changes immediately as soon as they are introduced.

5 Qualities to check before hiring a Google Ads expert in the UAE

Are you looking to hire a Google Ads expert in the UAE? Here are a few qualities that you must check in your Google Ads specialist:

  • Creativity: Your Google Ads specialist in the UAE should be creative enough to write profitable ad copies and landing page copies.
  • Communication: Communication is the key when it comes to the success of any Google Ads campaign. Therefore, your Google Ads expert should communicate with you well to share the performance of your advertising campaign and take your feedback.
  • Patience: Most of the time, Google Ads campaigns don’t produce the desired results immediately. It may take a few days or weeks to show the results. Therefore, your Google Ads specialist must be patient.
  • Designing skills: Your Google Ads specialist in the UAE should have designing skills so that he can design or propose a killing landing page for your advertising campaign.
  • Analytics skills: Analyzing the number of clicks, cost per click and conversions are some of the important activities that a successful Google Ads expert does. Likewise, there could be several other parameters to take note of. Therefore, your Google Ads specialist in the UAE should have good analytic skills as well.

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